Labour Market Opinions


Labour Market Opinion – the permission that has to be obtained by the employer in order to give an offer of employment to a foreign national.

Canadian employers must obtain written permission from Service Canada in order for a foreign national to be able to apply for a Work Visa. This permission document is called Positive Labour Market Opinion. The employer must prove that s/he, despite his/her efforts, cannot find a suitable candidate for the position in Canada; that hiring a foreign national will benefit Canada’s economy; that the salary paid will be comparable to that of what would have been paid to a Canadian or a Permanent Resident; and that the same rights and privileges will be given to the foreign national as would have been given to a Canadian or Permanent Resident.

The foreign candidate may apply for a Work Visa with after the Positive Labour Market Opinion has been obtained.

Due to the changes made to immigration laws in 2011, a sub-category has been created  to give faster response to Labour Market Opinion applications. This applies to specialized occupations, managerial occupations, and other jobs that require technical specializations, that are offered by employers that meet certain criteria. This application is called the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion.

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