Labour Solutions

Canada’s economic need to close its labour shortage with foreign workers is growing daily. Canada’s government, professional organizations, and various job sectors agree that the only way for Canada’s economy to grow is to increase the number of immigrants and foreign workers.

Hiring foreign workers is a complex procedure that requires consideration of federal, provincial, and municipal laws, as well as professional regulations. In addition, human resources, licensing requirements, and educational equivalencies are among things to pay attention to.

It is often quite difficult to find a suitable candidate inside the country. The same procedure to find a candidate outside of the country is even more difficult, but not impossible. In fact, it is the most permanent way of finding a solution to your labour shortage. The statistics are clear – immigrants and foreign workers are more productive and are less likely to switch jobs than Canadians born here.

Let’s start by discussing your projected short and medium-term labour needs. Let’s bring foreign workers you need to Canada in the shortest time possible, working side by side with Service Canada and your human resources department.

With a few exceptions, foreign-workers who come to Canada and work for a period of time are eligible to apply for immigration. While you are filling your labour shortage with excellent workers, let’s do the required legal work to allow them to stay in Canada and continue working for you.

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