Is Canada for you?

If you are wondering whether or not Canada is the right choice for you, you can begin answering this question by getting in contact with us. Share with us your reasons for wanting to move to Canada, whether it is temporary or permanent. Tell us your expectations, your career goals, and personal aspirations. Remember that healthy choices that bring you closer to your goals are always the ones made in light of knowledge and information.

Don’t assume that the rest will be easy after obtaining your permanent residency. From the moment that you decide to apply for immigration, wouldn’t you want to make your decisions based on what steps your application will go through after it has been submitted, how you will need to prepare for your entry to Canada, and what you should be doing during your period of integration after you have landed?

Did you know that there are many different ways to immigrate to Canada – that it is crucial to know which category suits you most, to maximise the chances of a positive outcome for your application?

There are statutes, regulations, policies, operational manuals, case-law, and the practices of Citizenship and Immigration Canada – all in constant change. If you would like help navigating this complex system, please contact me.