Nuriye Sahin


As an internationally trained lawyer, I have 14 years of law practice prior to moving to Canada. I have been working at law firms since, and most recently became a Certified Immigration Consultant. I am dedicated to serving justice and the real needs of my clients.

My interest in immigration law stemmed from my own experience; I saw that the immigrant population and immigration candidates were under-represented and under-supported. This motivated me to provide clear and transparent services that would result in a better, more equitable transition for my clients, ultimately contributing to a better life. I strive to ensure that my clients get the best work and advice possible.

In particular, I have a passion to protect the rights of minorities and children. In the Juvenile Court of Istanbul, I represented over 300 children on criminal charges. This has provided me with significant insight and empathy. It is with this perspective that I help families who are planning to settle in Canada. 

I strongly believe that planning your immigration is key to a successful and painless integration to your new life in Canada.

There are statutes, regulations, policies, operational manuals, case-law, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada practices, all in constant change.

I can help you navigate.